Wilson Audio Untersetzer Pedestral

Wilson Audio Pedestral ab Juni 2020

Diese Untersetzer sind maximal mit je 11kg belastbar, somit mit drei für Geräte mit 33kg belastbar
The Industry Leader in Composite ResearchWilson’s experience in and commitment to the science and technology of resonance control isunsurpassed within the audio industry. Before most loudspeaker engineers had even consideredthe harmful effects of deficient cabinet materials on a transducer’s ability to accurately pass anincoming signal, Dave Wilson was actively exploring esoteric composite cabinet strategies.That was over 40 years ago. In the intervening four decades, Wilson Audio has continued its inex-haustible search for the best non-resonant composites for specific applications. In their ongoingpursuit of greater fidelity, Wilson has also delved into the art and science of combining specificcomposites in strategic geometries. No other audio company has invested a greater percentage ofits capital resources into the research and development of materials and composites than WilsonAudio. Its design team, armed with state-of-the-art testing tools, has explored, discovered, anddeveloped more groundbreaking composites than any other audio company.

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